Melissa - Caught in Own House Part 1 of 6 0

When Melissa is alone at home, she is attacked by a stranger. After he has tied and gagged her, he tells her that he wants to use her house as a base for his raid. Melissa is said to spend this time tied up in her own house.

Zora - The Undercover Investigator Part 1 of 5 0

Zora wants to investigate Mr Schneider in the case of missing women. For this she visits him in his house. It does not work like Zora thought. Quickly she is overwhelmed by Mr. Schneider and is tied with ropes. What is Mr Schneider planning to do?

Amy - The Broker Part 1 of 5

2018-10-018:57 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Pantyhose
Amy - The Broker Part 1 of 5 0

Amy meets with a prospect in a house. But he does not want to rent the house but to deal with the pretty woman. Quick, Amy is bound and gagged. What does the stranger want from her?