Paula - The bank robber part 1 of 7 0

Paula has lived alone in the house since her divorce. In a letter, the house bank requests the repayment of a loan from her husband. While she is desperate, a Mr. Baumann comes to her. But he doesn't want to help her, but instead use the house as a base for a bank robbery. Paula is bound and gagged captive by him. How will it go?

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March 14, 2021 08:42 anonymous ★★★★★ Das ist schon mal ein ganz starker Beginn. Eine überaus attraktive Lady hat ihre Jacke ausgezogen und wird im Hogtie gefesselt. So kann es weiter gehen.
March 14, 2021 18:50 anonymous ★★★★★ wirklich sehenswert. Weiter so!
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